When a job seeker begins their search, they want to have results that best reflect what they are interested in. Today, company reputation matters more than ever. When you are looking for companies offering parking management, you want to choose one with impeccable customer service, a good reputation, and ratings. This will all happen if such a company has a good brand. 86 percent of workers would not apply or continue working with a company that has a bad reputation with its former employees or the general public.

What is employer branding?

In its simplest terms, employer branding refers to the reputation among the workforce, as well as employee perception towards their employer. Employer branding is how you market your company to job seekers and internal employees. The better you are at employer branding, the more likely you are to attract top talent. Additionally, a positive employer branding can be key to retaining top talent.

For companies to do well, they need to put in place an employer branding strategy in place to control and positively change the dialogue surrounding your company. This is all done to ensure higher talent acquisition and retention. At its most basic level, employer branding refers to how you market your company to job seekers and what employees say about your company as a workplace. A good employer branding strategy can play a key role in helping you attract better talent, cut down on hiring costs, and also reduce employee turnover.

Here are some key things you need to know as well.

Know your company’s unique value proposition.

To create a powerful employer brand, it is important to start by focusing on your company’s mission statement, values, vision, and culture. It could also be helpful to identify what your business needs are and work towards understanding what type of talent you need to acquire to fill all objectives. It is very important for a company to align its values and its employer brand with a business goal.

Conduct an employer brand audit

You might not be fully aware of the reputation your company has among job seekers or even among your employees, not until you conduct an audit. You can send out internal surveys and conduct social media searches or check out at places such as Glassdoor to read reviews. Additionally, you can hire a firm that administers reputation monitoring to help you out. Ultimately, your search will uncover the favorite aspects your employees find with your company, and it will also highlight areas that need improvement.

Write an employer value proposition

Once you are done with your research and come up with a list of values and benefits your company offers, you will want to create an employer value proposition. An employer value proposition refers to a marketing message and a promise, so you need to be keen not to say anything that is not true. Additionally, the employer value proposition is something your recruiters and human resource team can discuss with potential candidates. You should also leverage all your current employees.

Everything You Need to Know About Employer Branding

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