When starting a business such as towing service or any other startup, you can’t expect your customer service to look uniform during every stage of your business development process. At the beginning of your business, you will have a lot of things to fix, and customer service would normally be the last. However, at that stage, the best way to deal with customers is to introduce to them products that fit their market.

As your business grows, you will work on improving customer service, and here are some of the tips you can stick with.

Set up a simple workflow

You need to set up a simple workflow to manage your customer requests. You will want to keep the intake process as simple as possible and continue making relevant additions incrementally. What works at that particular moment will soon break as you scale. Just start with the simple process you can and focus on working to improve your processes. Learn from your customers and introduce processes that solve their needs.

Meet to review customer issues

You need to meet regularly to review common customer issues and fix bugs along the way. You need to listen to the market and decide on what to build. This should be done from frequent consultations with your team to determine where you are getting it right and where you can improve. The most important thing is to ensure you are listening to your customers. They will be the people who took a lot of risk with your business at an early stage, so it’s important you reward them abundantly.

Involve your entire team

You need to involve your entire team in helping to solve customer issues. While scaling, ensure you build teams and data silos. Keep your support as wide as possible and be inclusive. There will never be a better way to stay close to the voice of your customers than improving support. Ensure you use customer feedback collection tools to help you gather information about customer satisfaction.  Customers will always provide you with immediate feedback that can significantly improve the support process.

Develop a rapport with all customers

When running a small business, ensure you make it easy for your team to identify your customers and their needs. Your customer demands will be small and your support agents can spend a lot of time looking into customer issues. However, as you scale, the time you have with your customers will shorten. With the growth of the customer base, ensure your agents focus on customer efficiency as much as they focus on customer satisfaction.

You also need to hire employees who are great communicators. Small businesses will tend to have small service teams that comprise three to five people. For such businesses, employees will find themselves wearing different hats and performing different tasks, including service and support. This structure can work but will be depended on the choice and type of employees you have, so ensure you get your recruitment right from the word go.

Important Customer Service Tips for Startups

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