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In 2020, when COVID-19 descended and lockdown and quarantines were in place, fitness enthusiasts searched for a way to better track their fitness output.

Quantifying and tracking training became difficult as gyms around the world began to close, and fitness connoisseurs were looking for alternatives to keep up with their daily workout routines.

Warminster-based TJM Electronics recently worked with a customer who developed an application to advance at-home workouts.


Partnering with Impact Wrap, LLC, TJM developed a product to help workout fans track bag training at home. TJM worked diligently with Impact Wrap to develop prototypes and manufacture the PCB assemblies.

Impact@Home is a smart tracking sensor that clips to almost any hanging or freestanding bag and connects to the user’s iPhone or Android via Bluetooth, tracking the impact score, which follows the metrics of count (number of strikes) and force (intensity). The Impact Score is a composite of those key numbers.



The app keeps track of the average impact force, count, and frequency while allowing the user to get an overall score of his/her workout progress. The app also allows the user to choose a custom workout or use a pre-programmed workout as well as the ability for users to share workout results to their social media platforms.

TJM is proud to manufacture the PCBs for the Impact Wrap tracker for at-home gyms. Check out the Impact Wrap website to learn more about their products and the launch of the at-home app.

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