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When a PCB assembly needs rework, it typically consists of repairing or refinishing a PCB assembly which usually involves de-soldering and resoldering surface mount components to improve a defective product. Defects can arise when a PCB is improperly assembled or has gone through a faulty thermal cycling process.


  • Poorly soldered joints
  • Solder bridges
  • Component/part changes and upgrades
  • Broken components due to environmental stress
  • Damaged components due to corrosion and other physical damage
PCB Assembly Rework - PCB and Tools


TJM Electronics is well versed in component inventory management, surface mount assembly, and process control, which is why we are experts in PCB assembly rework and repair. TJM guarantees properly assembled components, as well as proper soldering. PCBs can involve a high number of components that are placed millimeters apart, which is why delicacy is key when repairing specific components. Not all components need rework, meaning that those not being worked on must be protected from heat or any other damage.  

Our assemblers are highly trained and experienced in precision handling and placement of PCB components and solder joints. To prevent unnecessary contractions of the PCB, we will ensure low thermal stress on the electronic assembly. 


  1. Thoroughly clean the circuit board to remove any contaminants that can affect its electrical characteristics and components. 
  2. Perform thermal profiling to determine accurate process settings that meet specific PCB component/solder requirements. 
  3. Carefully and precisely remove all failed/damaged components, utilizing special tools for specific components as needed.  
  4. Ensure PCB rework site is clear of oil, grease, rust, and solder residue to avoid any adhesive implications or contamination. 
  5. Precisely replace necessary components with newly soldered components. 


After the PCB assembly rework process, we will put your PCB through a thorough inspection to ensure optimal performance. We will verify all aspects of the PCB, including functionality, component quality, and durability, to ensure an effective repair. No matter how complex the rework is, TJM Electronics will deliver a PCBA with the highest reliability and performance. 




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